Tuesday, March 11, 2008

St Patrick's Day in Dublin 2008

Just noticing the swell of visitors coming looking for St Patrick's Day on this site (that never took off). So I'd thought I would point in the direction of where you might find relevant information.

St Patrick's Day

If you are interested in finding out about St Paddy's Day in Dublin, Ireland, check out the Dublin Blog here with details of all sorts of things happening in Dublin.

St Patrick's Day

You can also check out the blog's previous St Patrick's Day posts and Dublin's official St Patrick Festival website as well as checking out photographs from all over the world in this St Patrick's Day group on Flickr, do join and add your own images.

St Patrick's Day-106

Anyway I hope this was useful :)

St Patrick's Day-135

(All pics from the St Patrick's Day parade in Dublin, Ireland, 2007)


Thursday, November 24, 2005

Hello and welcome everyone


THIS is the site for the St Patrick's Day 2006 group at Flickr where all the participants are aiming to capture the spirit of St Patrick's Day around the world on 2006.


You can get more information on the Flickr group page.


Over the next while there won't be much activity here but pop back cos you never know as different things are planned.

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